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The Z Series Car Club of America, ZSCCA, is the national car club for all past and future BMW Z Series cars. Our club was introduced to Z3 enthusiasts as the Z3 Register in 1996 and the club has evolved to include all Z models. As an organization of enthusiasts, we feel that the road taken has less to do with arriving in the least amount of time and more to do with the appreciation of the journey, the road, and the car. We share a passion for the open road and the freedom that our special automobiles represent. We are an information source for people of like mind who appreciate the experience offered by great sports cars such as the Z1, Z3, Z4, and Z8.

Our Story

BMW Z series automobile owners hold a deep affection for their rides. We have organized ourselves into an all-volunteer club to enjoy our cars and our time together. Our informal motto is this: we join for the cars and stay for the people. Club activities include local events such as group drives, DIY fix-it days, car care demonstrations, social events, planning meetings, caravans to regional and national events, attending car shows and Cars & Coffee together, an annual national Z festival and more. We publish an on-line quarterly magazine, CruiZin' NewZ, which features stories about members, technical assistance in car maintenance and repair, reports about local events, and the like. We also manage an active Facebook page as well as pages for local areas and special events. Please explore this Website to learn more about the ZSCCA.

Our Board of Directors


Jon Moorhead - Salida, CO

Jon has been a member of ZSCCA since 2016 and also serves as the Colorado Area Rep. As ZSCCA President, Jon is the chief executive of the club, setting our direction and envisioning our future. He leads the board as we serve our members and keeps us focused on positive outcomes for our club.

Vice President

Bob Van Zandt - Yorktown, VA

Bob has been a ZSCCA member since March 2015 and also serves as the Area Rep for the Zee Central Virginia Roadsters and Coupes. As Vice President, Bob assists the ZSCCA President, participates in Board deliberations and ZFEST planning, and maintains preparedness to act on the President’s behalf should the need arise.


Sam Wood - Hilham, TN

Sam was elected to the Board of Directors as Secretary in 2021. In that role he manages the board's activities with timely notices of meetings and also records and preserves minutes, sets up the club's elections, accounts for special documents, and offers welcome interjections of humor and wisdom.

Membership Liaison

Jim Dunn - Seattle, WA

Jim has been a member of ZSCCA since 2011 and Area Representative of the Washington State Z’s since 2015. As the club's Membership Liaison, Jim helps members work out any difficulties with their memberships and helps keep memberships current.

Area Rep Manager

Jay Parnes - Rochester, NY

In his role as the national Area Rep Manager, Jay provides guidance and assistance to over 50 Area Reps across the country. He recruits and onboards new area reps and connects area reps with one another and the national board of directors.


Chuck Krblich - Fort Lauderdale, FL

The job of Treasurer is a joint effort of Chuck and Jane Krblich. Chuck and Jane oversee the accounting functions of the club, including keeping financial records, filing reports, mailing membership materials, advising the board and more.

Social Media Director

Brian Roces - New York, NY

Brian serves as the club's Social Media Director. In this role Brian manages the ZSCCA main Facebook page and assists with the Local Area pages. He sets guidelines for the use of the club's social media and guides administrators and moderators in their work.

Special Projects Director

Reenie Paley Marshall - Midlothian, VA

Reenie led the team that updated the club’s bylaws and helped develop its first Operations Manual. She continues this work and also leads projects such as coordinating volunteer resources for ZFEST. She is an early member of ZSCCA's ZisterZ Area.

Strategic Relationship Director

David Bourcier

David has been a ZSCCA member since 2020. He is responsible for seeking out and supporting the club’s association with similar organizations and developing mutually beneficial connections between them and the ZSCCA.

Store Manager

Sue Kraft - Canton, GA

Susan joined the Board of Directors in 2022 and is heading up the effort to revitalize and manage the club's online store. Members may be able to purchase ZSCCA branded merchandise such apparel, bling, accessories and more.


Randy Carter

What We Offer

ZSCCA Annual Event

Annual national event called ZFEST held for about a week

Regional Area Events

Volunteer area reps organize local events and drives

Lots of Content

CruiZin NewZ Magazine, technical support & other great ways to own and drive your Z

Social Community

Our members connect with each other through our large social community on the national and local social media channels

Official Partners

We partner with many organizations that cater to Z cars to offer you a better ownership experience

Friends for Life

A benefit of our club is the lifetime friends we have all created through our experiences owning a Z

Our Local Areas

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